Get Accustomed to the Transit Custom

Owner driver jobs are always easier if you have a vehicle that’s the best in the business. If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle then you may want to seriously consider investing in Ford’s latest offering. The new Ford Transit Custom van is due to be ready for customers early next year and has a wide range of fantastic features that provide power, style and hi-tech solutions. As Ford put it, this is truly “the van that can”.
Advanced Technology

The new Transit Custom is enhanced by the introduction of an Intelligent Speed Limiter system – this provides automatic adjusting of the vehicle’s maximum speed by recognising and acting on speed limit traffic signs. So that’s one less thing for you to worry about as you perform your daily list of owner driver jobs!

In addition, a Blind Spot Information System will make reversing out of parking spaces much safer by warning you of any other vehicle which may be about to cross your path. Also included are tried-and-trusted features such as the Pre-Collision Assist with a Pedestrian Detection emergency brake system and Adaptive Cruise Control.

A Fresh New Look

Both inside and out, the Transit Custom gleams with a fresh new look. The cabin interior is kitted out with an instrument panel which is designed entirely for drivers who spend long hours on the road. An ample 25 litres of space is available in just the instrument panel – this includes three open bins and room to place clipboards or mobile devices. Cup holders and 2-litre bottle holders can also be found at both ends of the instrument panel. Comfort is at the forefront of the design, with new seats installed with enhanced foam padding to make carrying out all owner driver jobs that much more comfortable.

Top of the range in the Transit Custom series is the 170 PS Sport, and it is particularly eye-catching. Take your pick from eight distinct body and seating choices, and you’ll be the proud owner of a vehicle with style. It’s furnished with a cabin that has a partial leather trim and leather bolsters, while on the outside is a striking design of black stripes with the choice of either an orange or silver accent.

Enhanced Engine

The power behind the Transit Custom is provided by the Ford EcoBlue diesel engine, which came onto the market only last year. It’s a substantial upgrade on the old 2.2-litre diesel engine, as the EcoBlue delivers an improvement on fuel efficiency of up to 13% and 20% per more low-end torque.

The model also has a new ECOnetic variant that releases 148 g/km CO2 in emissions and has a fuel efficiency of 5.7 l/100 km (49.6 mpg). These measures mean that it provides another 6% improvement over the next most efficient vehicle available currently on the market.

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